Bernhard Gafner

Bernhard Gafner

Founding Principal, Aspect Structural Engineers

Carpenter, engineer, dad, terrible handwriting, can handle any amount of chocolate, can’t do jodeling.

Prior to graduating with a degree in timber engineering from the University of Applied Science in Biel, Switzerland, he gained hands-on experience as a licensed carpenter – building various types of structures. These days as a carpenter are the roots of his practical design approach.

Bernhard has over a decade of international experience, delivering projects in Canada, US, Germany, Portugal, Israel and Switzerland. Within the timber design and construction world, he is involved all along the vertical supply chain. From overall or specialized building designs, procurement, production drawings, logistics and site installations to product R&D and developing new markets. Though Bernhard’s expertise and heart lies in timber engineering, he is accomplished in all major building materials. Combined with the solid understanding of general building physics and concepts such as the passive house standard, this makes him a well-rounded member of Aspect’s team.

Bernhard is also a subcommittee member of CSA O86 – Engineering Design in Wood, and sits on various engineering and non-engineering committees.

Bernhard’s portfolio includes: post-secondary buildings; schools; multi-unit, high-end and custom residential homes; fire halls; art galleries; airports; art projects, and mass timber designs in general.