Why attend Mass Timber+?

The first thing you will notice is that we have changed the name of our conference from IWBC to Mass Timber+ with the subheading, Offsite Construction Conference. Why the name change? Even in our 6th year, few knew what the acronym IWBC stood for. We needed a universally understood brand.

Does that mean the conference is now exclusive to mass timber? No!

The name has changed but not the conference theme or coverage.
We continue to cover all offsite light frame, mass timber and hybrid sustainable offsite solutions. Our goal is aligned with your goal: to advance construction productivity and do it sustainably.

We will feature a diverse field of exhibitors: primary and secondary manufacturers, software developers, connections suppliers, noise and vibration control technologies, and new materials. We are well known for our content, and we promise not to disappoint! Our keynote and educational sessions will feature experts, innovators and pioneers discussing winning strategies and technical solutions. Exhibit at Mass Timber +