How Can Artificial Intelligence be Used to Produce Timber Design
A conversation with Dr. Luke Whale, CoFounder of DAISY AI, Inc.

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Listen to Dr. Luke Whale describe an exciting new AI technology that promises to revolutionize timber design for manufacturing.

The AI tool is called DAISY, acronym for Design AI Systems, and it uses genetic programming to find an optimal design for almost any given floor system. Using the principals of evolutionary search and natural evolution, DAISY derives a more efficient solution generation by generation, until the optimum design is attained.

Listen to Luke explain…

  • What we need artificial intelligence in design
  • The impact this will have on the design profession
  • How Luke sees the future of timber design
  • What comes next for DAISY?

Luke is a well known UK timber engineer and a true pioneer in the development and use of design software. He has also chaired the UK Code Committee for structural timber products for over 30 years and is a co-author of the European Timber Design Standard called Eurocode 5.

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